Management Team

Ryan Drexler

Chairman of the Board, Principal Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, CEO and President

Ryan Drexler is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Consac, LLC (“Consac”), a privately held firm that invests in the securities of publicly traded and venture-stage companies. Previously, Mr. Drexler served as President of Country Life Vitamins, a family owned nutritional supplements and natural products company he joined in 1993. In addition to developing strategic objectives and overseeing acquisitions for Country Life, Mr. Drexler created new brands that include the BioChem family of sports and fitness nutrition products. Mr. Drexler negotiated and led the process which resulted in the sale of Country Life in 2007 to the Japanese conglomerate Kikkoman Corp. Mr. Drexler graduated from Northeastern University, where he earned a BA in political science.

Matthew Kerbel

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Kerbel's career has included senior marketing roles, where he was responsible for driving significant growth, at both emerging consumer brands such as Lyft and Juicero, as well as major corporations like Activision and General Mills. He has a proven track-record of formulating and executing impactful multi-channel marketing efforts. Mr. Kerbel earned his Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Montreal, and his Master of Business Administration from UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

Brian Casutto

Executive VP of Sales and Operations, Director

Brian Casutto was appointed to the role of Executive Vice President, Sales & Operations in July of 2015.

Prior to that, Mr. Casutto originally joined MusclePharm in June of 2014 to lead product development and brand positioning of the recently announced Natural Series.

From 1997 -2014, Mr. Casutto served as Executive Vice President, Sales for Country Life, LLC.

He served on the company's Board of Directors for Country Life, LLC (2007 - May 2014), Board of Directors for Allergy Research Group (2009 - May 2014), Executive and Management Committees for Country Life, LLC (2006 - May 2014).